“Riding in Happiness” Published at New World Writing

My quite small short story “Riding in Happiness” was recently published at the esteemed online literary journal New World Writing. Makes me quite happy and proud. Makes me feel a bit like I am indeed riding in happiness.

This story is the lead piece in a chapbook I’ve been slowly putting together this summer of small fiction and poetry. The fiction tends to be about loss and endings. As we all know, the world we lived in has been obliterated and our world is now out of control and reeling comically. I think, though, that these stories and these poems are also stepping stones. Yes, there is loss and we are living now some weird Koyaanisqatsi world, fully out of balance, but we have made this world even though so many of us decline to take responsibility for it. We have all made it. And we continue to make it…

I say, somehow, in this chapbook I have been working on, that we are still making a better more beautiful and glistening world. The only problem right now is that most people still want to go back or return to “normal.”

That’s not going to happen. That never happens. History only exists as myth and story. All we have is the present and our intention and the question of love.

Go read “Riding in Happiness.” It’s a start. But, yes, there’s lots of loss right now and discomfort.

2 thoughts on ““Riding in Happiness” Published at New World Writing

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  1. I liked your story. It seemed sweet but was bordered by some kind of unnameable darkness. It’s always best being left with an uneasy feeling. I don’t believe in happy endings. 🙂


    1. Thanks. Funny how happiness in real life can carry with it that “unnameable darkness” you so aptly point to. That happy ending thing is really weird, isn’t it? I mean, there are no endings until the ultimate ending that we each have to face alone no matter what. In the mean time, the best you can hope for is a happy beginning. Once the prince and princess kiss and head off toward the sunset they need to figure out how to live together, earn a living, possibly raise a family, deal with bad behavior and illness, and the inevitable communication problems every couple faces. And let’s not get started on their sex life…


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