I’m an Afro-Irish Quaker American writer trying to make sense of where this country thinks it’s going. I’ve been working on a passel of projects over the last few years including three novels, two memoir (one about sex and one about race), and a strange, strange brew of short stories. All just about ready for publishing somewhere important. I’m also full of myself enough to be pushing out essays on polyticks, books, and the meaning of life as I see it here at Dog Shit Lit.

Sometimes it all comes together. Sometimes maybe you gotta work a bit to grok what I’m saying.

For what it’s worth, I work like a dog, think like a dog, and create mostly for other dogs. Everything I come up with is attempted as a new way to stand on the edge of where ever we all are and scratch where it itches — generally in tribute to some of the original dog writers — Chuck Bukowski, Barry Hannah, Henry Miller, Joy Williams, Lucia Berlin, and Diane Williams (to name those on my mind right now). Gotta say, I also have a desperate need to prove to the ghost of David Foster Wallace that you can let words into the world without feeling too much personal pressure. God love you, DFW! You loved dogs. You needed to figure out that that made you half-dog and written thus.

Most important truth about being a dog writer is that the author is not important. Only the reader.

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